How Far Do You Want to Fly?

Thanks to the sophisticated algorithms used by the social media giants, two free articles landed in my account this week:-

  • New Scientist – The complexity of propellants used in rocket launches
  • The Knitter – Artisan Yarn

Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to opt for the Science Weekly Article – I just wished my old science teacher was still about so he could read this!

In very simple terms, a rocket’s propulsion comes from energy created by the combustion process. Combustion is generated by gases that are created by fuel, oxygen and heat. All three need to be present to create strong enough combustion. If one fails, the combustion process stops.

The fuel is made up of different chemicals which burn together producing heat, energy, gases and water. It’s a complex process of having the correct mixed additives so the highest level of performance can be achieved. Acceleration at the right moment and longevity are key factors in the rocket reaching its destination.

This started me thinking about the “energy” and “fuelling” processes needed in an organisation to help drive sustainable growth. This might have some of you reaching for laboratory coats and writing on huge white boards the terms “cash”, “resources”, “differentiated products” and “outstanding supply chain”, which are all very worthy contenders of fuel.

The science article also made me think more about the environment needed to generate explosive combustion and the absolute dependency on fuel, heat and oxygen.

To reach your strategic destination, you will need the equivalent of high-grade fuel and an environment to stimulate a combustion process.



The connection between these is essential and the full benefit is only realised when all five work in tandem.

Reading signals from the marketplace and having the Adaptability to translate these into new products & services, depends on your Capability and organisational Flexibility. Having people who can Perform at a high level, not only as an individual, but bringing the same level of Performance as part of a diverse, multi personality team. Building Capability in individuals and teams by challenging them to utilise and develop new skills. Eliminating activities that are wasteful and instead spearheading change Focusing everyone on the Do or Die activities. Therefore, it’s not just about having the right enablers for growth, it’s also about getting them to function in unison. That’s where the Power is!

Now back to the science – While we talk about the High 5 Enablers fuelling an organisation, it’s important to remember that oxygen and extreme heat are needed to complete the explosive combustion. Remember, fuel, oxygen and heat all need to work effectivity together to feed combustion.

Let’s now talk about heat. Heat is driven by an ignition process at the start of the launch. It is critical that it retains its ferocity through its difficult climb. In an organisation, the equivalent of the ignition process is the “Sense of Purpose”. It calls everyone to action and generates motivation that will be needed, through the external challenges you will meet. If you can keep the sense of purpose (in science terms, the mission) alive in people’s hearts and minds, you will build laser focus and resilience that will help you achieve any goal.

Oxygen is the other key part of the process, it’s the invisible gas that is constant throughout the process. It’s the catalyst for driving changes from compounds, to gases, to energy. It could be described as your culture. Leadership Behaviours create the oxygen that are needed for an organisation to develop and flourish. Leaders should create the oxygen that inspire, motivate and cultivate change through Empowering and Nurturing a Growth Mindset.

Now we have looked at the science of propulsion and compared these to what is needed to fuel an organisation:

Can your organisation reach its destination with its current fuel and combustion process?

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Gary Cox

August 2021