Time to throw away that “To Do” list forever!


Does your “To Do” list have more than 3 items on it?
Do you update it daily or three times a week?
Would you be lost without it?
Is your list constantly growing?
Do you sleep with your “To Do” list under your pillow?
Do you also have a large stock of “Post it Notes” handy?
Would you like to throw your list away forever and have a celebratory burning of all those books with your “To Do” items in?
I think we have all been there, the desk camouflaged in multiple post it notes and a speedy transition from small to very large notebooks, so we can write down all the growing tasks.
People are often stereotyped for being disorganised or you’re associated with that annoying phrase of “work smarter not harder” – a really motivating phrase!
In nearly all cases, it’s not a reflection of your abilities or willingness to work hard, its quite the opposite.
There are generally several reasons why this happens and the most common ones are: –
1) Your relationship with your boss or peers
2) A recent appraisal with a message that you just “meet requirements”
3) You’re new in the role or have a new boss
4) You seem to bump into the reoccurring challenges that stop you from completing some of your tasks
Whatever is causing your “To Do” lists to grow and making you concerned about your next appraisal, a couple of coaching sessions can help you get to the route of the problem and together we can help you save a fortune on future stationary costs!
My MethodologyListen, Share Knowledge, Coach, Mentor, Support Application and Refine to Utilise.
Gary C