What Are You Truly Capable of?

It might be 3 months since you’ve had your appraisal and written your 12-month development plan. 67% of you will be already rewriting your development plans, delaying key activities due to pressures of work or quickly working through online modules to have the satisfaction of ticking it off the to do list.

I have been through this exact pain and, worst of all, my development plans were all within a 12-month period and focused on internal roles. This annual process works well for the ones classed as high potentials (less than 10% of employees) but what about the 90% of us who push ourselves so hard to deliver company objectives and build a future.

After 10 years I realised I was answering the wrong question and the process was limiting my capabilities in developing outside the boundaries of internal roles. This can be very restrictive if you have a profession or you’re a technical/subject matter expert.

Over the next 6 weeks I want to help you start thinking about your real potential and give you practical advice on helping to build a more fulfilling future.

Today, I have a very simple exercise to start you off. Just think about the following question over the next 7 days. Don’t think of roles when answering this question, think of how you’ve developed so far and what difference you can really make.

What are you TRULY CAPABLE of?

I’m calling these weekly posts – The Metamorphosis Series.

The Metamorphosis series will help people working in organisations covering first time roles to mid-career employees. It will also be a huge benefit to SME Business Owners.

Next week we will talk about what the end of this process could look like for you.

Thanks for reading.